Learning through fun is the key!

PadKaKa integrates two of children’s favorite things: cards and animations.

Learning can be so much fun!

To children, every card seems like a magic toy.

Let your child pick a card first, and turn the QRcode toward the camera on your tablet.

A one-minute animation will then be played by the app. The content is all in English.

Combining cards and cartoons makes learning much more fun! Your child will love English.

A combination of pictures, vocabulary, and sound works very well for children.

Professor Shichida Makoto, Japanese educator, author of the bestseller Teach Kids English

Are images critical to language learning?

Do you still remember when you first asked your toddler for a hug? You probably held your arms wide open. Children rely heavily on visual cues to "make sense" of what people say to them, and that's why visual aids are important in learning. This very reason explains why blind children often suffer from learning obstacles.
This makes animation not just a way to attract children but also a key to learning success.

During the language acquisition period, 83% of the learning comes from visual input.

- Professor Waltz, child education expert in the US

Why do kids love PadKaKa?

PadKaKa integrates 3 of children’s
favorite elements into English learning.

Why is learning with cards so effective?

Although adults may no longer be crazy about cards, children still love them! To them, every card seems like a magic toy.

They become extremely curious about the cards, especially when they pick the exact one they want out of a pile. That motivation leads to better learning outcomes.

Before the age of 6, intellectual development is triggered by hand movements.

- Maria Montessori, internationally renowned educator

The world's first animation card

  • 600 English vocabulary cards
  • 600 fun animations
  • 660 basic vocabulary items and 3,300 sentences

Eyes’ Protection Design Of PadKaKa

You can play Padkaka through Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

Connecting your tablet to a TV

Most apps require users to keep their eyes on the screen. Over a long time, this can be harmful to the eyes. But with PadKaKa, children need to use a card to operate the tablet to watch an animation. It both stimulates the development of motor skills and prevents eyestrain from staring at the screen. This is a special feature of PadKaKa.

Play PadKaKa on your tablet

Tablets with a larger screen are recommended (e.g., a 10-inch tablet with a 4:3 screen ratio)

What people are saying about PadKaKa?

I bought many types of English learning materials for my children, but they never seemed interested. PadKaKa is totally different. They are excited about it. I feel I finally made the right choice this time!

Mrs. Chen from Banqiao; three sons, 3, 5, and 8 years old

My daughter can play PadKaKa for a long time, and she keeps imitating what the cartoon figures say while watching the animations. It's so fun and effective!

Mrs. Lai from Taoyuan; one daughter, 4 years old

It’s amazing! In less than one month, my boys have learned so much English! I recommend that all mothers follow the PadKaKa tips. They are quite useful to me.

Mrs. Liu from Miaoli; two boys, 2 and 4 years old

Media and Expert Reviews

PadKaKa is an excellent and innovative product. The fact that children love these cards and animations so much can really enhance learning motivation and effectiveness. This is a great tool for English learning.

Professor Shu-Hui Chiu, Department of Early Childhood Education, National Taichung University of Education

Using PadKaKa cards to activate animations satisfies children’s desire to operate things. The animations are intuitive and humorous, allowing children to learn in a fun and natural way.

Professor Ho-Ping Feng, PhD in TESOL, Columbia University, and former professor in the Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University.

My students vie for chances to play PadKaKa, and my own child adores it.

Jing-yi Liang, Kindergarten Teacher

PadKaKa combines the latest technology and educational techniques to provide an effective ESL learning system for students. And most importantly, children love it!

Tyler Rankin, over 5 years of ESL teacher ( Sesame Street, Hess, etc.).

Simple, intuitive operation, happy and engaging learning experiences—these have always been the key to learning success, and PadKaKa has them all!

Yong-Wen Chen, Teacher, Queensland University, Australia

PadKaKa is a very nice set of animation cards and is quite portable. Children can play it anywhere, anytime. They really love it!

Qing-Li Ye, Principal, Chocolate International Preschool